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In Focus: The Perks And Perils Of Being A Club Promoter

In Focus: The Perks And Perils Of Being A Club Promoter



By Micah Mendiola

Wanted: College students aged 18 to 22 years old with excellent social and communication skills, a knack for public relations and marketing, and a solid network of party-loving friends. If this sounds like you, then one of the most coveted jobs in the city is within your reach. A club promoter’s job description mainly consists of publicizing an event and drawing crowds into one or more hotspots. The more people you can encourage to come in, the more you earn from the gig. It’s a great way to earn while you’re young, especially if you’re always going out! Make no mistake, though—it’s definitely not an easy job. Being a club promoter entails heavy marketing (including social media marketing), public relations, and business management, among others. It also requires you to socialize more than the average human being, exposing you to all kinds of people. Before applying, here are the most important things you need to know: Remember, the job isn’t just about the fun. It’s still a job, after all. Read through to get all the help you need to survive the big, bad world of promoting!


Who doesn’t love parties? Resident promoters tell us about the pros and cons of the job.


1. “You have access to the hottest hangouts in the metro. The more people you get to know, the more connections you have,” says Anton Santiago of The Palace Pool Club.

2. Your responsibilities during the day won’t be bothered…

3. Free entry to your favorite club! Yasss!

4. It’d look good on your résumé if you want a job in PR in the future. “You have to be approachable. You need to have a good sense of humor to entertain your guests. You have to make an impression, make them want to go back every now and then,” advises Jan Matthew Galang of The Armory.

5. If you work hard enough, you can defiitely make a career out of it. “This is my only job, it’s what I’ve focused on for six to seven years now. I get all types of perks and freebies from my clients and guests. I receive a high salary and, because of that, I get to travel to different countries. My schedule is really flexible!” says Pixie Villocero of Revel.


1. You have no choice but to socialize with your guests, even if you’re having a bad day. “Some nights get frustrating, especially when people aren’t cooperative,” adds Angelo Tan-Alberto of The Palace Pool Club and Reserve.

2. But you have a long night ahead. “While everyone else is sleeping, you’re working. Ever since becoming a promoter, I’ve had difficulty waking up early in the morning because of the late hours!” confesses Gabby Dario of Privé Luxury Club.

3. Some people take advantage of your free access to the club. Oh, well.

4. “Your health is at stake,” says Arielle Ayala of The Palace Pool Club. Plus, “the amount of stress during big events, the alcohol you consume, and the smoke you inhale are just some of the downsides of the job,” shares Dexy Soriano of The Palace Pool Club and Valkyrie.

5. Some people may not take you seriously because they think it’s not a “real” job!



There’s no rocket science involved here—rave parties have become the hotspots of drug usage. to protect yourself, read through this drugs list and know how they look and smell!

1. Methylene dioxy methamphetamine (MDMa) aka "Ecstasy" - Each pill is tiny and round with a chalk-like texture. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors.

2. Amyl Nitrate aka "Poppers" - A yellow, sysnthetic liquid that comes in small, thin glass vials.

3. Ketamin aka "Special K" - White crystalline powder taken as pills or tablets, or dissolved in liquid.

4. Methamphetamine aka "Meth" - White crystalline powder sometimes comes in yellow-gray, brown, orange, and pink. It can also be constricted into pill form. Crystal meth, on the other hand, comes in clear, bulky crystals like ice.

5. Rophynol aka "The Date Rape Drug" - Small, round white pills or oval green-gray tablets.

6. Ephedrine aka "Herbal Ecstasy" - A white crystalline powder substance usually sold at food and convenience stores.

7. Lysergic Acid aka "Acid" - Clear, white, odorless substance produces from lysergic acid


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Images by Vyn Radovan. Interviews Nikaela Cortez, Rona Villanueva and Barry Viloria. Hair and makeup Muriel Vega Perez using Clinique. Assisted By Eve Florida. Models Godwin Dimaandal And Vahl Marco. Styling Danica Familara. Shot on location at Novotel Manila Araneta Cen Ter, Gen. Aguinaldo Ave., Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. Special thanks to Kristine Facto of Novotel Manila Araneta Center.




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