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Love Actually: Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada, The Unparalleled Magic Of Finding The Right Person

Love Actually: Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada, The Unparalleled Magic Of Finding The Right Person

Relationships come and go like tides, and most of us will go through at least a few breakups before we finally find 'The One' who we end up staying with. This is all perfectly natural, but it can lead to us second-guessing each new relationship we're in as we wonder whether this is going to be another short-lived one, or whether it really has the legs to go the distance.

Just look at celebrity actress, host, and book author Alex Gonzaga who has finally found her prince in non-showbiz guy Mikee Morada. 

Recently, on the morning show Magandang Buhay, Alex and Mikee's first appearance on TV happened, and happily, they shared to the viewers their beautiful and inspiring love story.

Mikee is a friend of hunk actor Piolo Pascual, and he says that he has been asking Piolo to introduce him to Alex for a while now. "Lagi ko kasi s'yang tinitingnan sa Instagram, feeling ko makakasundo ko s'ya.

"And then finally, tumatawag si PJ, nagtataka ako kasi ASAP nun, pagsagot ko si Alex." From there, this guy made sure he will finally meet Alex in person, and again and again at that. Their relationship blossomed, with Mikee courting Alex for 7 months.

"Na-realize ko na it's really not the right time, the right situation, it's the right person, it's the person talaga."

You see—love is truly worth the wait. We made a list of the things and the top signs we see in their relationship which we think will make them last:


1. They fully support each other. "I will always be here to support you, to protect you, and to take care of you," Mikee says to Alex. Whether or not you share each other's passions or life ambitions, when you truly care about someone, you want to see them succeed and be happy in whatever they love. This means standing beside them, not in their way, when they dedicate effort towards pursuing a goal. 


2. They deeply respect each other. As we all know, Alex comes from a conservative family but instead of being intimidated by that, Mikee says that this kind of girl is the one that should be treasured. Mutual respect between partners in a relationship and their family is paramount to its success. Honesty, trust, friendship, and intimacy all grow from this foundation. Without respect, there is nothing else. 


3. They're attracted to each other in mind, body, and spirit. "More than 'yung personality n'ya, 'yung nakakapagpasaya ng tao, ang nakita ko kasi, 'yung family background n'ya eh, yung family values nila," Mikee on what he likes the most about Alex. 


4. They find joy in each other. It is evident that this new couple is very much in love with each other, with Alex once posting for New Year, "One of 2016's encounters I'm going to take with me this new year..." Sure healthy relationships are full of laughter and fun, but this doesn’t mean you have to be giddy every hour of the day—or that she doesn’t drive you up the wall sometimes—what it means is that your life together is mostly happy in even the simplest ways.


5. Your friends and family like you together. "Okay naman sa amin si Mikee, very respectful, very humble, okay naman s'ya saka mukhang masaya si Alex ngayon," Mommy Pinty said. One of the easiest ways to know if you’re in the right relationship is to pay attention to the feedback you get from friends and family. Assuming your friends and family want what is best for you (which they most likely do), a lot of negative feedback is a bad sign. That doesn’t mean everyone will be enthusiastic about your relationship, but the overall sense you get should be positive.


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