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Chalk Talk: Game Designer Eric Lang Shares His Love For His Passion

Chalk Talk: Game Designer Eric Lang Shares His Love For His Passion



By Mariel Abanes


With 17 years (and counting) of experience in the industry, the genius behind board game favorites Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men and Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, and, more recently, Blood Rage and A Game of Thrones: A Card Game, Eric Lang—the Toronto-based designer who has helped shape the board game arena—continues to excite fans everywhere with more games in the works. Get to know the brilliant mind behind some of the world’s most beloved boards!


ON THE PHILIPPINES. "I’ve been to other places in Southeast Asia, but I love it here. The Philippines is a little unique, it’s way more diverse. I love the culture and the language. I can’t make sense of where all the roots are from, even if I study languages. It’s pretty cool. I love that it suffies my expectations in almost every impeccable way."

ON HIS FIRST BOARD GAME. "I first played Dungeons and Dragons, which turned me into a gamer. In 1993, I played Magic: The Gathering for the first time. After playing that, it really changed my life. I decided right then that this was going to be my career."

ON HIS SIGNATURE STYLE. "I try not to define my own self, but I can definitely make a game that’s very representative of their own theme. I want to make a game that, when you’re done playing with it, you really talk about it for the rest of the night and you really want to play it again."

ON HIS PASSION. "I go to a lot of events. I travel, I play music, and I meet different people. Every game I do, I try to forget everything that I’ve learned about it before. If I come to a point where I feel like I’ve done something before, like I’ve figured out all these problems, I just throw the game away. I don’t bother to finish it. I set my mind to make the best possible game for my audience. I always think about my legacy. When people tell me that my game is amazing, it changes my life."


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