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Daily Diaries: Your Next Ridesharing Driver Might Just Inspire You To Live Your Life To The Fullest

Daily Diaries: Your Next Ridesharing Driver Might Just Inspire You To Live Your Life To The Fullest

While traffic remains to be an issue for commuters, finding a ride as we commute around the metro has become easier and more comfortable thanks to ridesharing services. Aside from the convenience ridesharing apps bring to commuters, many of their drivers have life stories that will surely inspire us to think positive about life, even while stuck in traffic.

Among the many interesting stories users have encountered? This deaf driver who used to be on combat duty in Sulu and works as an Uber driver.


Rider Deen Samson was more than proud to have manong as her driver for that day. Aside from making a n honest living in spite of his disability, his contributions to the Philippine army make his life story very, very noteworthy.  

Stories like that of manong do not end there. Yes, there are senior citizens who work as Uber / Grab drivers to support their children. Even those who have lost their jobs have found hope in being an Uber driver, just like the case of hardworking single mom Jaycee Carreon. “The one thing that kept me going was my son, Jared. The thought of him, his future, what he deserves,” Carreon shared in an interview with The Asian Parent Philippines

Mind you: There are ridesharing drivers who eventually become millionaires. An example is Gavin Escolar, who managed to earn $252,000 (!) a year as an entrepreneur in San Francsico who promotes his products while working as an Uber driver. Fantastic, don't you think?

Which is why we advise all patrons of these ridesharing services one thing: Be friendly with your driver, and try to strike a conversation with them. You never know what valuable wisdom they can impart to you.


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