In Focus: Fall In Love With The Sophisticated Furniture Pieces In Vina Morales’ New Home

In Focus: Fall In Love With The Sophisticated Furniture Pieces In Vina Morales’ New Home

Vina Morales is a queen on the dance floor, a diva on stage, and a woman with a penchant for the good life, and such is evident in her new home in San Juan City, which was completed a few months ago.

Vina's new home is very modern, primarily made up of concrete and glass, and characterized by mostly straight lines.


While Vina’s new home is already a sight to behold from the outside for its sleek minimalism, it is actually the inside that is noteworthy. Case in point? The red stiletto-shaped chair she got last year. Acquired from St. James Art of Deco and Furniture, the quirky-looking chair is a statement piece, yet provides adequate comfort for those who want to lounge around after a long day.

Real stilettos may be a pain on the feet, but this stiletto chair provides nothing but comfort.


As for Vina’s other furniture choices? They are equally posh as well! Carol Cabangon, Vina’s interior designer, did a good job in designing the house to mirror Vina’s personality.

As for the other statement chair in the living room area? It's a perfect mix of contemporary and chic.


Even the printed pillows and the painting by the wall also complement Vina's eclectic personality.


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The posh pieces at Vina's home is not limited to their living area. Her outdoor area also has a couple of stylish furniture pieces that complement the swimming pool area.

Those poolside lounge chairs? They look simple, but they spell C-L-A-S-S.


The outdoor area also serves as their area for parties, just like this family get-together.


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One thing is certain: Vina loves lounging by the swimming pool area during days where she is not busy.

Living the good life indeed. #goals


Vina has yet to post more details of her new home, but by the looks of it, she and daughter Ceana are enjoying every corner of their new abode.


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