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In Focus: Leila Alcasid Lands In MNL—Ogie's Daughter Embraces This Side Of Home And Who She Is

In Focus: Leila Alcasid Lands In MNL—Ogie's Daughter Embraces This Side Of Home And Who She Is

Leila Alcasid, Ogie's eldest daughter with former beauty queen wife Michelle Van Eimeren, has arrived in Manila from the Land Down Under for a longer stay to experience this side of home.  Heads up, she's smart, gorgeous, and ready to roll with life, Filipino style!



As of the moment, there's no clear report of Leila Alcasid's plans for a showbiz future but life looks bright for this girl here in the Philippines.    Leila has also launched a blog, to spur stories from the onset of her arrival.

"As of January 2017, I will be living and learning and growing in Manila, bonding with my wonderful family that so far I have only gotten to see every few months. While I'll miss my beautiful mother, step-father and sister back home, comfort lies in the fact that travelling is our thing; i.e. I know they'll visit soon enough and join me in relishing in the greatness of the Philippines." 


Read about Leila's travel essentials on her blog here.


Leila is 19, 5'5" lovely, genuine, and also writes beautifully. She has also mentioned hopes to get involved with UNICEF. She's got a good head on her shoulders and her loving family to support her.


In one of her first posts on her blog, "Last Minute Findings" on, Leila mentions the realization of learning to appreciate where you came from and at the same time where you're at, after a friend who visited their place in Australia pointed out how beautiful and green their area was.

"I realised that in the long time that I've lived here (Australia), I've often overlooked everything that is special about the area, always longing to move away to bigger cities or visit other countries. Whilst I still want to do that, I have come across a new appreciation for my surroundings–sometimes I even look up from my phone for a quick glance at a tree ;)

In all seriousness though, sometimes, seeing the world through another's eyes can be quite enlightening. I encourage you to try it." 



Welcome, to Manila, Leila!  Indeed we hope she finds joy, excitement, and adventure in the heart of her second homeland.

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