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In Focus: How Netizens Reacted To The Nickelodeon Theme Park Plans In Coron

In Focus: How Netizens Reacted To The Nickelodeon Theme Park Plans In Coron

Imagine the chaos if Spongebob were to actually move his pineapple under the sea in the waters of Coron.

Children's television network Nickelodeon made headlines earlier this week after reports surfaced that it had plans of building a 400-hectare resort and theme park in Coron, Palawan. This shocked environementalists and netizens alike, as Coron is considered the country's last ecological frontier.    

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Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina Lopez said she would "never allow the corals to be harmed" and propelled the creation of an online petition to sign against the theme park construction. But in a statement released to Manila Coconuts, Susan Lee of Coral World Park Underwater Resort or CWP for short [the organization partnering with Nickelodeon on this project], has since clarified that "there has never been any form of communication from our side mentioning a theme park," that only 100-hectares had been allocated, and that any developments will be done on land (and not actually underwater).

Regardless of what set off the miscommunication, this gave us a goldmine of reactions from netizens.  Check out the best  ones we found!


This is probably what Spongebob would have said if he were a local.


Because Palawan is certainly different from where Spongebob comes from.



Another #winner moment: Non-profit organization Save Philippine Seas schooled everyone on the correct lyrics to the Dora The Explorer theme song.



One particular netizen took the news as a chance to share this hugot.



While indie artist Dong Abay showed us that we may as well all turn into sea creatures.


Perhaps a visual representation of when Greenpeace Southeast Asia's Vince Cinches  asked, "Why build a viewing deck when you have the whole paradise to enjoy?"


And, of course, Save Philippine Seas' invitation to get everyone to sign the petition against the building of an underwater theme park



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