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In Focus: 5 MayWard Moments That Made Many A Heart Melt

In Focus: 5 MayWard Moments That Made Many A Heart Melt

Who would have expected that a joyful promdi girl and a charming Fil-British boy could forge a special friendship?

Considering that housemates Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber could not understand each other at the start of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 (Maymay has difficulty speaking in English, while Edward could not understand Filipino well), the two bubbly teenagers became close inside the Big Brother house, winning the hearts of viewers and shippers of MayWard. Just look at their expression when Kuya gave them tasks to accomplish:


As the show progressed, the friendship between the two has grown significantly; fans easily get kilig with their occasional moments, on and off-cam. Still need to be persuaded by the good chemistry between Maymay and Edward? Check out these too sweet moments:


1. When Edward “proposed” to Maymay for their prom. Complete with gentlemanly gestures and witty pickup lines, Edward instantly won Maymay’s feelings, making her feel like she’s on Cloud Nine. Smooth moves, indeed.


2. When Edward accompanied Maymay to the wake of Maymay’s grandfather. Considering that Edward’s grandmother has just passed away a few days prior, he still accompanied Maymay and comforted her, even if he was also grieving.


3. When Maymay and Edward made Maymay’s lola happy. Despite both of them grieving, they made an effort to make Maymay's grandmother happy. Talk about being selfless.


4. When they performed their original composition on stage. Fans could not contain their emotions as they sing their song “Baliw na Baliw” on stage, be it on ASAP or in the mini concerts they have held around the country. Maymay taught Edward well, as he almost flawlessly sang those Tagalog lines. And their on-stage presence is simply natural, proof that there's chemistry between the two of them.


5. When they make silly faces on-cam. Maymay and Edward have a sense of humor so good, even fellow housemate Marco Gallo is eager to join in with MayWard's antics.


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