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The Six Fix: These Cool Dudes Hail The Heat Of Summer Way In Advance

The Six Fix: These Cool Dudes Hail The Heat Of Summer Way In Advance

That subtle tropical chill is still in the air, but not for long! As early as the last couple of weeks, a several cool dudes have been anticipating sunny days. Consider this your year's first hotties of summer primer:


1. Piolo Pascual


It looks like he's kind of working it even on a day off! While enjoying some relaxation at this wellness resort, The Farm at San Benito, a while back, Piolo showed off his washboard abs (hard work=result). If you're not fun of sand at the beach but still love the water, hunt for wellness resorts that are located in nature and have spa activities like this place. 


2. Sam Concepcion, James Reid, and Bret Jackson 


They were ranting about sea urchins, or so Sam Concepcion said. Just an early reminder over here that guys need sunblock or SPF protection, too, especially guys with fair skin. Most sunblock articles and posts show only women using sunscreen, which is not so helpful since men are pretty careless stubborn when it comes to sunblock application. Hugh Jackman, Wolverine himself, reminds us that skin cancer is a very real danger since he's experienced it five times so far, with the last one being on his nose.


3. Pepe Herrera


Benny lives on and he keeps fun casual on the sand under the sun, this time in Dubai. It's important to remember though that in sandy places abroad unlike here, the sand doesn't stay put, the sand lacks moisture, and the dry wind catches grains of sand and lifts them up very quickly. You'll be needing your shades in dry sandy places not just for protection from UV rays abroad but to protect your eye corneas from physical damage by windswept sand. When trekking to dusty, drier places like for example, Pinatubo, it's important to remember this. 


4. Daniel Padilla


Girls aren't the only ones who should accessorize in the summertime. There's something really hot about guys who know how to wear subtle bling or accessories without overdoing it. They generate a look so simple sometimes you forget they're wearing add-ons because it's become so much a part of who they are. Daniel Padilla has that trademark accessorized look with shades on, and there's something pretty cool as well about that chain.


5. Xian Lim


Xian has been on the road a lot since last quarter. Since we'll be seeing less "slippery" weather as the sunshine rolls in, for sure we'll be seeing a lot more bikers like Xian on the road. Of course, real bikers like Xian don't wait for the weather to improve, rain or shine they just keep on biking. Result, he'll have a strong core headstart in the summer. Something absolutely simmers when it comes to guys who endeavor to stay fit no matter what kind of weather we've got at the moment, they still get out there and pump the miles.


6. Iñigo Pascual 


Buttons down, chest out, and don't frown... even with bleak-looking January skies, this guy is still looking ready to chill on shore like it's already March. For islander casual, who says only white and light colors belong at the beach? Piolo's son bends style rules as early as now and makes it all look quite effortless.


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