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Cheat Sheet: Iza, Anne, Solenn, Erwan, Daniel, And Coleen Show Us How To Eat As Healthy As Them

Cheat Sheet: Iza, Anne, Solenn, Erwan, Daniel, And Coleen Show Us How To Eat As Healthy As Them

It's been said that while exercise contributes to 25% of one’s weight loss, the remaining 75% is achieved through dieting.  

Diets can be tricky, though, considering how easy it is to order take out and how delicious unhealthy food can be. But these celebs must know a thing or two about them (I mean, just look at their bods).  Here’s what we’ve noticed:


They make their own food. Actress Solenn Heussaff says that prepping her own food always makes her happy. It must reflect well on her meals because this post-workout brekkie spread looks absolutely stunning! One of our favorites in this pic is her chia bowl. Not only do the fruits make it colorful, but the fact that it's an overnight chia is a perfect breakfast solution that saves on time.

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They really source their food. Solenn's brother, Erwan, recently shared pics of his recent visit to Malipayon Farm, where he bagged himself a handful of veggies including these fresh galangal and laksa leaves. We can be like the food blogger by choosing to buy our produce straight from local farmers.


They patronize diet deliveries.  Busy stars like Daniel Matsunaga have healthy, calorie-counted meals sent right to their doorstep. It’s a convenient alternative for those with zero time to cook.


They juice. Promotion of weight loss, richness in vitamins and antioxidants—these are just some of the many benefits people get from juice cleanses. It’s no wonder why celebs like #fitspo actress Coleen Garcia continue to do it. For reference, the bottle she's holding here is courtesy of Detoxify Bar.

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They snack smart. Case in point: When Anne Curtis snapped this pic of kale chips when she could've chosen potato chips. Take Root, the brand which these bags of chips came from, has other snack alternatives to choose from (chicharon, chewies, rooted bars, and cocoroons, to name a few).     


They treat healthy eating and living like a vacation. Actors Jake Cuenca and Iza Calzado, for instance, have been spotted going to wellness spas & resorts such as The Farm In San Benito. What better way to unwind healthy than in a place that offers delectable food (that’s organic AND vegan!) and exercise activities? We suggest trying places like these when you need time to rejuvenate and to get away from the city.  


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Photographs from,,,,, / Artwork by Jana Jimenez 




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