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In Focus: Here's What Makes Piolo Pascual A Cool Dad

In Focus: Here's What Makes Piolo Pascual A Cool Dad

As Piolo Pascual turns 40, we look back on his sterling accomplishments as a riveting actor, a consummate performer and artist, an electrifying singer on top of his everlasting stature as the country’s Ultimate Heartthrob.

But amid all these accolades, we may miss out his finest achievement: Being an awesome dad to son Iñigo Pascual, who is starting to make waves in the entertainment scene as a young actor and musician.

While Iñigo grew up far away from Piolo, their bond and love for each other have been so strong. And, the best of all, Piolo was never amiss in his fatherly duties up to this day as he always keeps tabs on his son without being intrusive or strict.

Iñigo is Piolo’s son with ex-girlfriend Donnabelle Lazaro, who raised him in the US with her family.

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“We’re open”

“We’re more open. I don’t hide anything from him. We sleep together and I make sure that I don’t deprive him of the right to be with me at any time. I’m here 24/7 for him. I just want to be there for him at any time in his life,” Piolo said in an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

How is Piolo as a father? He reveals he always tries to be a “cool dad” and levels with his son although he would not miss out the chance of asserting his fatherly influence.

“But when it comes down to being an authority, especially to my son, I make sure that he gets it right, he gets the right instruction, he gets the right learnings from me,” Piolo notes.

“As much as I’m cool, I make sure I don’t have to be strict to make sure that he does the right thing. I just level with him,” he adds.

Piolo further reveals he never had even the slightest inkling of cracking the whip against his only child.

“I never hit my son, not even once,” he said. “I never thought of hitting him because there was no point in doing it.” He further describes Iñigo as respectful and has good values.



But the only thing where Piolo is strict with Iñigo is in terms of making him steadfast in his faith.

“I made sure he got the right formation, faith-wise. The only thing I was strict about when he was growing up was that he attends church. That he goes to discipleship class,” Piolo says.

What strikes Piolo the most about Iñigo is his being humble and “grounded.”

“He’s very grounded. When he grew up in the States, he never asked for anything material. I always tell him you can ask for anything. If there’s anything I can give you, I’d give it to him. Now that he’s grown, he’s 19. I’m just happy he has remained grounded.”

Piolo said because of his and Donnabelle’s guidance as they continued a healthy friendship to become good parents, Iñigo, now 19, has become a “fine man.”

“He respects people, he has good values, and I’m just really thankful that he did not grow up to be abusive, I have never seen him hit anyone. Just like me. He’s not a bad person safe to say and respects elders with a 'po' and 'opo.' He’s really good. He’s a sweet kid. I can’t ask for anything more,” Piolo proudly reveals.

Piolo even shared some sweet moments with his son. Before Iñigo left for the US last month, Piolo recounted that he woke up one morning and “he’s hugging me.”

“He still shows physical affection. And he still says I love you. He’s very sweet. And I’m very happy he turned out this way,” Piolo said.



Piolo is excited about Iñigo’s future in the business being both a talented actor and musician. He also said he admires Iñigo juggling time being a freshman at Enderun Colleges and pursuing a career in show business.

But he appreciates that Iñigo “prioritizes his studies.”

With his certain and indefatigable belief in his son, nothing can excite more for Piolo as a father than knowing what’s in store for Iñigo.  

“I believe he is cut out for something bigger,” Piolo said. “I hope he makes it in the international scene.”

“I’m just really excited for what’s in store for him. He just released his debut album. He has so much that he still wants to do. He composes songs, he plays the instruments, he does a lot of things. Just like me, I never thought I’d get this far, I’d be in this business for 20 years already. But for him, I certainly there is still so much in store for him that he can’t just fathom or just see right now. He’s very talented.” 


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