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How Does Cody Simpson Handle Fame with Ease?

How Does Cody Simpson Handle Fame with Ease?

Australian singer-songwriter Cody Simpson has many reasons why he is famous. Aside from being a well-known singer in Australia, he has been linked often with Victoria’s Secret supermodel Gigi Hadid, who he has an on-and-off relationship with. In addition to his career, Simpson is also a swimmer, even bagging two medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships back in 2009.

And his career as a singer is no slouch, as he won several awards, which includes Kid’s Choice Awards and MTV Europe Music Awards, for being a standout Australian act.

In short, Simpson has quite an impressive resume for an 18-year old. So how does this Australian teenage sensation handle fame with no pressure?

Being exposed to fame at 13 after being discovered with his YouTube covers, Simpson grew up fast as part of the effects of fame. Yet this time around, he chose to change the way he approaches his fame by being more hands-on. His way of being more hands-on with his fame? By leaving his former label Atlantic Records and establishing his own label called Coast House.

It may be a seemingly risky move for a teenage star, but for Simpson, the indie move is worth it as he gets to appreciate the simpler pleasures of life, as he said in an article with Daily Mail. For him, he adds that it is important to keep his feet on the ground and be “under the radar” even if he has celebrity friends like Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber and supermodel Kendall Jenner.

For a teenage star who has rapidly rose to fame, Simpson is definitely playing it well, which can explain why his fans in the Philippines look forward to his concert at Newport Performing Arts Theater on August 12. Come to think of it, Simpson may be the Australian Daniel Padilla who is more into singing than acting.

Yes, the likes of him show that there are several role model teens that the youth can look up to. His arrival in a few days’ time will be indeed hyped up.

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