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These Five Dishes Will Make Your Tastebuds, Tummy, and Food Selfie-Loving Alter Ego Happy

These Five Dishes Will Make Your Tastebuds, Tummy, and Food Selfie-Loving Alter Ego Happy

If there’s one thing that’s almost always done by Filipinos before eating, it’s not saying grace: It’s taking a photo of their food for posting on social media. Foodie or not, Pinoys just have to shoot their food before shooting them into their mouths (come on, admit it, you do it all the time). This is why restaurants that have distinct interiors and photogenic dishes (both requirements for Instagram-worthiness), on top of good food, have way more following than others. And because mealtime has become such a major photo opportunity, some of Eastwood City’s topnotch chefs have handcrafted and intricately prepared dishes that you’ll be excited to share on Instagram as much as you’ll enjoy indulging in. Here are our picks:

The Dish: Mushroom and Kale Paella. The Chef: Chef Robby Goco of Green Pastures. Enjoy paella sans the guilt with this version made of a huge serving of Ifugao heirloom Tinawon red rice topped with intricately arranged fried oyster mushroom, quail egg, saffron aioli, and paprika oil. It tastes totally authentic (no icky aftertaste often associated with healthy food), you’ll want to help yourself to a second serving.


The Dish: Brisket Sisig Taco. The Chef: Chef Chiloy Santos of Kettle. Sautéed beef brisket chunks, pickled slaw, cilantro, and pepper coulis—this is a fusion of delectable flavors all packed in a taco. This Filipino-Mexican treat will make you ask yourself what you’ve gotten into—in a very good way.


The Dish: Risotto Balls. The Chef: Chef James Torres of Potts Point Café. Perfectly set the mood of every meal with these fried mushroom risotto balls set against a creamy and flavorful tomato puree and pesto puree. If you’ve ever had any bad experience with too hard or too rich risotto, this delish dish will totally make you hit refresh.


The Dish: Trio of Pinoy Antipasti. The Chef: Chef Pat Obia of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. The best of Filipino cuisine come together in this dish: Fried adobong calamares in negra aioli dip, Bacolod-style chicken sisig inasal and Filipino chorizo Bruschetta, a toasted mini pandesal with ground Vigan longganisa. We can’t choose a favorite—they’re as unique as the other and will make your tastebuds fall in love.


The Dish: Volcano Roll. The Chefs: Chef Hideaki Tohyama and Chef Ben Gon of Sandaime. Whether or not you’re a Japanese food aficionado, you’ll enjoy this heap of deep-fried spam maki topped with cream cheese, capsicum topped ebiko, spring onions, tencuts and special sauce because of the unique and delectable mesh of flavors. Warning though: They’re too good, once you pop you can’t stop.


These dishes are so enticingly beautiful and mouthwatering, you might just forget to take a photo before savoring them—then again, they’re still too exquisite in appearance that once they're served in front of you, you'll surely whip out your smartphone out of instinct.




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