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Bored with Treadmill and Weights? Channel Your Inner Ninja Instead!

Bored with Treadmill and Weights? Channel Your Inner Ninja Instead!

In this day and age, people desire to find new ways to get fit as the idea of hitting the gym is starting to be a bit boring for some. As some would find running at the treadmill, or lifting free weights, as boring, these people desire to find something new and innovative on their way to getting fit.

Enter parkour: Your above-than-average training that is definitely not boring, one of a kind, and “astigin” as how others would put it. While it does not involve weights, parkour involves a lot of running, jumping, swinging, and climbing, all in an obstacle course that one has to complete.

The cool part of parkour? One gets to channel his/her inner ninja through the obstacle course, and it benefits one’s body by pushing his/her body further, and further tones down one’s body while strengthening his/her upper body, lower body, and core.

While parkour is relatively a niche genre of exercise compared to the likes of Crossfit and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), places like Ninja Academy provide the essential training for parkour.

For Parkour Philippines’ Robby Apelo, who has been teaching parkour for almost four years, the relatively new sport has spread out from its origins in France. Parkour is inspired by the moves made by founder David Belle’s father, French firefighter Raymond Belle, in saving people in distress.

Originally intended as a means for saving people, parkour evolved into a sport that is seen even in Hollywood stunts, which makes it interesting and unique. Yes, even Robby was inspired upon watching David’s parkour moves that he even pursued to learning more about it, and even teaching it to others.

“Naisip ko na athletic naman ako, so parang baka konting training at matutunan ko [ang parkour]”, Robby shared, recounting on wanting to learn more about parkour almost four years ago.

The good thing about parkour? Robby said that parkour is, in fact, open to everyone. “Parkour is just natural movement . . . kung ano yun own body movement mo, dun tayo magstastart,” Robby explains.

“It doesn’t mean kailangang athletic ka . . . parkour mismo yun what you can do with your own body,” Robby added. “[It’s more about] how to use your body sa environment”.

You can learn more about Ninja Academy through their website ( and their FB page (




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