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Fuel Your Inner Wanderlust for When It Doesn’t Come Naturally

Fuel Your Inner Wanderlust for When It Doesn’t Come Naturally

So you’re sitting on your office chair and while taking your lunchbreak, you browse through Facebook. You see a lot of your friends’ photos either on the beach or on top of the mountains. You suddenly have this internal dialogue, mostly tons of questions that go something like “Don’t they have work?”, “How much are they earning to be able to travel that much?”, “Do they have the coolest bosses or do they just call in sick?”.

For whatever reasons, you just don’t seem to get it—the wanderlust, the travel bug, or whatever these so called life explorers call it these days. But before you completely dismiss the idea and wallow back in your sad lunch, here are things you can consider to spark that inner urge to travel you didn’t know exists in you.


Hear ‘em out

You may find yourself on the receiving end of your friends’ enthusiastic storytelling about the river that enchanted them or the storm they braved while traveling or the lion they ran away from (okay, maybe not as wild as the last one). And instead of just nodding out of courtesy or for some, thinking of it as humblebrag, try to really hear them out.

It is in those stories, in their excited voices, and in the way their eyes light up that you would notice something precious, something that can happen to you as well.


Read up and ask around

You ever heard that saying, “You only fear what you don’t understand”? It’s true for most cases and it’s not any different with this. You may have convinced yourself that you’re perfectly okay wasting your days away being enslaved by your job only because you think traveling is expensive or that your boss won’t let you take nearly a week off from work. You may say it’s not your priority or you have better things to do with your money. And while there’s no judgment there, we only ask that you give traveling a chance.

Read up, do a bit of research on the destination that interests you the most. If you don’t have any place in mind yet, ask around. You would be surprised at how willingly helpful some people can be. And if finding out that you can escape to an exquisite island overnight for Php 2000 or that you can hike up the mountain to see breathtaking view for less than Php 1000 does not convince you to go, then we don’t know what will.


Take the plunge

The seat sale. The getaway invite. Just go take the trip! There couldn’t be any more effective way to fuel your inner wanderlust than trying it out and seeing the beauty of nature for yourself. And by then you’d know and understand, wanderlust isn’t all hype—there are endless reasons why people are catching on. 

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