Tools for quick fixes

Tools for quick fixes

For the everyday handyman.

As a homeowner, one would encounter minor quirks like leaky pipes, loose door handles, and damaged panels. Being a handyman helps, as it makes you save on repairs by doing the job yourself.

Here are the tools one must have at their toolbox to make house repairs a breeze.

Nails, Hooks, Screws


These essential pieces are crucial for quick repairs, and for adding mounting points. For nails, having 1” finishing nails and 1.5” common nails is a definite must. Remember to store them in drawer organizers for less clutter in your toolbox.

Gloves and Goggles

It is better to be safe than sorry, so having these is a must have. Even if you're only doing minor fix-its, there's nothing to lose if you prioritize safety by wearing these.


While Philips and flat head screwdrivers are must haves, it is better to get a complete set because you will never know when you will be dealing with unusual screws.


Yes, you will need this for cutting materials. It is best to get one that can be used to cut both metal and wood.


For pounding and pulling out nails, it is a must to have claw hammers at hand. You can choose between the 8-oz and 16-oz variant when needed.

Staple Gun


Should you opt not to use nails for attaching pieces in place, a staple gun is also an essential tool, especially with screens and upholstery.

In addition, staple guns are much easier to use than the good ol’ nail and hammer combo.


Whether it may be a long nose, a diagonal, or a combo type, they are a must-have for bending and cutting wires or any pliable materials.

Tape measure

Some repairs would need precise numbers, and a tape measure will help you get those numbers right.


Make sure your wall installations such as artworks and shelves are properly aligned with the help of the bubbles with a level tool.




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