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Commuting Etiquette: 3 Things To Apply and You're Good To Go

Commuting Etiquette: 3 Things To Apply and You're Good To Go

Whether you woke up late or not and in rush on your way to work, this is no excuse to leave your manners at home. Brush up on your commuting etiquette because admit it, sometimes the restlessness of commuting makes anyone forget about it all.


It’s about the sounds

It might be easier to drown your commuting sorrows by getting lost in your own choice of music. While there’s nothing wrong about that, sometimes playing it too loud even with the use of earphones—yes, we’re assuming everybody uses earphones these days—makes you unaware of your surroundings or worse, projecting like you don’t care at all. It’s a public transport so “not caring” doesn’t really apply.

You should care enough to step aside when someone says “Excuse me, I’m getting off the next station.” You should care enough to reply politely when someone who seems lost asks about directions. Now I wonder how you’re going to do that when you have your blasting earphones on.

The issue about sounds does not end in your ears, however. When it bothers other people, then that’s a concern too. Are you one of those loud chatters who doesn’t care whether the whole world hears about your boytoy story? Or one of those busy bees with frequent callers and you just have to take the call every single time?

Perhaps next time you ride the jeepney or the train, you become more aware of sounds, the ones you make and the ones you don’t.


Good hygiene all day

You may take it for vanity or for being maarte but maintaining good hygiene is only decent any time of the day. You want to blame it on the heat of the sun or on being out in the field then by all means, go ahead. It’s valid and understood but it still doesn’t make it okay.

Make the effort to wipe your sticky sweat or use deodorant before leaving the house. It would go a long way. And by long way, we mean people not dying of odorous smell should they end up sitting beside you.


Let’s get physical... not

Probably the most common yet most rude thing to happen when you’re commuting is when people get physical. Just imagine being dead tired from the office or even when you’re fresh on your way to work and then people start with the pushing. As if being cramped into one moving box that is the railway transit isn’t enough, some people just feel the need to push their way through. Please do not be one of those people.

You may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed or you’re probably having a bad day. You may have seen a celebrity somewhere or you just broke up with your partner. Whatever the reason is, there is nothing that excuses you from pushing or taking it out on people, physical or not.


We get it. The commuting situation in our country is plain horrific. How about we do not make it worse than it is by keeping these commuting etiquettes in mind? 

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