Small Spaces? They Can Make You A Better Person!

Small Spaces? They Can Make You A  Better Person!

In this day and age, as the global population continues to grow, the habitable space a person get to live in is getting smaller and smaller. Because of this, houses and condominiums these days are smaller and more compact compared to the living spaces of yesteryears.

When small spaces comes into mind, one would initially feel limited and cramped with such limitations to his/her living quarters. Yet, one does not realize that living in small spaces can help you be a better person. Here are a few reasons how small spaces can make a better person:

You make the most of what you have

Limited spaces teaches one to be resourceful.  A small space makes one think beyond the conventional in terms of arranging his furniture and personal items inside his living space. Being resourceful in fact pushes one’s creative juices to the limits, coming up with ideas that seem to be impossible before.

A bed that doubles as a storage for clothes? A sofa that can double as a bed? One will think of these ideas to make the most of the limited space one has.

Also, think of this: since you need to deal with less space, you become more selective in the items you want to be included in your new living space. More than being more selective, you get to appreciate your belongings more!

It makes you more organized

Small spaces means less items to deal with, and also less clutter as well. No need to worry about where are the socks you used for last night’s date, or where the book you read a few months ago was.

Also, living in a small space makes you focus more on the small details in your place. A missing screw? A chipped paint on one of your walls? You will notice them easily, and you get to give attention to them quickly.

Imagine this: You are organized and clutter-free, and you also gain the benefit of a clear mind that can also make you feel relaxed and more productive at the same time.

One realizes that there is no such thing as impossible

Those shoe slogans you often see in advertisements or campaigns? They do catch everyone’s attention because it is true.

After hours (or weeks) of figuring out how to set up a small living space and actually fulfilling it makes you realize that nothing is impossible after all. No matter how tight the floor plan may be, ideas will sure pop in. It’s like ticking off a life achievement wherein you become more empowered in doing things you never imagined before.

Dealing with small spaces with flying colors can act as a reminder to you self when it comes to life goals: No matter how difficult the situation may be, you know at the back of your mind that you will be able to figure things out eventually.


The next time you would worry on shifting to a smaller space due to various reasons, worry no more. Making adjustments will help you become better in life.

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