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Even Established Musicians Look Up to OFWS!

Even Established Musicians Look Up to OFWS!

They may have been established and well-known for their craft in the music industry, yet they still yearn to connect to more people, especially those living far away from their loved ones.

Yes, these Filipino musicians, and a Fil-Canadian YouTube star, are using their talents, together with technology, to make OFWs be more connected with their loved ones.

After all, what used to be a long distance communication is now becoming closer and closer.

Ebe Dancel, Sponge Cola, Itchyworms, Kjwan, and Mikey Bustos will be collaborating with Google and Blas F. Ople Center in a crowdsourcing campaign towards crafting a song for OFWs, who are hailed as modern day heroes.

So why do these musicians want to join for this cause? For Kjwan drummer Eo Marcos, they desire to be a voice to all of the OFWs around the world. “We all share the same common goal of connecting [to our loved ones],” Eo added.

In addition, Sponge Cola vocalist Yael Yuzon, sharing that he has several friends who are OFWs, added that being part of this campaign is their way of celebrating the hard work of OFWs for their loved ones and the country.

“I see both sides of being an OFW and on migrating, [and] the cause is really worth working for,” Mikey said, who he classifies himself as an “reverse OFW” as he was born and raised in Canada before returning to the Philippines.

The collaboration may seem unusual, as Sponge Cola, Itchyworms, Kjwan, Ebe, and Mikey represent different genres for Filipino music, but this is not a problem for them. “That’s where the fun comes in,” Eo said, elaborating that all of them look forward to crafting a unifying song celebrating the triumphs of an OFW, which is in line with this year’s National Heroes Day.

“We are all fans of each other,” Kjwan bassist Kelley Mangahas said, emphasizing that they highly respect the creative direction of one another joining in for this campaign.

Many years ago, OFWs would feel very lonely abroad as their means of connecting with their loved ones takes months through snail mail. Now with technology, OFWs get to be closer to their loved ones thanks to the internet and improved telecommunications.

Now, these musicians aim to make that connection closer through music, a medium that everyone can definitely relate to. Four weeks of collaborating and crowdsourcing may be quite long, but it is surely will be a very personal collaboration that everyone can relate to.




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