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The Anatomy of Doll-Like Eyes: The Dos, the Don’ts, and The One Thing You Should Avoid at All Costs

The Anatomy of Doll-Like Eyes: The Dos, the Don’ts, and The One Thing You Should Avoid at All Costs

If you think big, dark-colored contact lenses are your prime essentials in achieving doll-like eyes, you’ve got it all wrong—they are, in fact, says celebrity makeup artist and former commercial model Denise Go-Ochoa, what you should absolutely steer clear of when you want to channel the fresh, bright-eyed look of so many of today’s prettiest faces, from Kathryn Bernardo to Janella Salvador. These oversized babies just look plain scary and fake, so if you do decide to wear contact lenses, stick to regular ones in a color lighter than the natural shade of your pupil.

But really, you can achieve captivating doll-like eyes even if you decide to skip the contacts. Denise reveals her dos and don’ts for every step of the way in your dolly eyes makeup routine:

“Do invest in a good lash curler and use it properly. Most Asians have eyelashes that point downward so to get the lush, curly lashes that flutter upwards (an important characteristic of doll eyes), do not press your curler hard on your lashes; instead do three to five light presses starting from the roots going upwards and outwards.”

“Do use a smudge-proof liquid liner or a gel liner with a matte finish to create a mild winged eye that will lift your peepers (again the goal is to make the eyes look bright and alive). Invest in gel liner with the right amount of moisture because it goes on smoothly; do avoid the old school liners because the lines they create easily crack and don’t last long.”

“Do line the inner rims of the bottom waterline of your eyes to intensify the illusion that your eyes are big and round; to make your eyes pop out even more, line the part below your lower lashline with black liner. After applying your false eyelashes, seal it with your natural lashes by curling them together but do not hold the lash curler downwards—only soft presses in an upward motion will help you achieve dolly eyes.”

“Do put white highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes for added dimension. And since your lashes really have to look fuller, put eyeliner under your eyelid very near the lashes."

"Do make sure you’ve lined everything properly and there are no white gaps or traces so your lashes look optimally lush and full. Do not ever heavily line your eyes—that’s not doll-like at all.”

It takes a steady hand, patience, and practice to achieve the best results for doll-like eyes, but the effort is totally worth it because this technique will make the windows of your soul look incomparably bright and alive.


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