Torre de Manila’s Issue Should Concern Everyone, Including You

Torre de Manila’s Issue Should Concern Everyone, Including You

When we talk about issues of cultural heritage, the issue with Torre de Manila is what would be on top of almost everyone’s mind right now. The location of the condominium building in question sparked a debate on respecting heritage structures and their vantage point.

Even if some of us are not directly affected with the issue, this is a matter that is worth discussing when it comes to blending heritage structures with modern architecture. Although blending the new and the old should be the way buildings in Metro Manila be developed, there should be rules and limitations in redesigning our metropolis.

While in the case of El Hogar wherein the building itself should be preserved (see the related article here), the case with Torre de Manila speaks of an issue regarding building limitations. While others would cite reasons such as space and location limitations as a basis, this should not be a case especially if a building would overlook a heritage structure: In this case, Jose Rizal’s monument at Luneta Park.

The problem with most developers is their lack of foresight with the way they would design structures before they get erected. With Manila being a haven for heritage structures, there is surely a way to blend these heritage structures with new and modern structures.

Why is it important to show respect and preserve these heritage structures? Simply because they define the Philippines’ history, and that history should be shared to our children and even our grandchildren for them to see and appreciate.

Maybe real estate developers should be educated properly on dealing with these heritage structures. The government should also do its part as well in preserving these historical structures while it is not yet too late.

How about you? How would you view issues like this?

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