There’s forever with vintage pieces

There’s forever with vintage pieces

As long as you take good care of them.

Most, if not all, of us have heirlooms or antique furniture that is sitting somewhere along the house.

Usually, heirloom pieces are superior over modern pieces in terms of durability. Take good care of them, and they can last a lifetime!

In order to preserve such pieces, proper storage must be put on mind. Here are ways to take care of those precious pieces:

For antique furniture

If you have antique chairs at home, it is best to wrap them with drop cloths to prevent them from deteriorating due to heat and dust. Wrap them like a present, and secure the gaps of the drop cloth with duct tape.

For holiday decors

Christmas happens once a year, so it is best to keep Christmas décors and Christmas lights in cardboard boxes. In addition to storing them at cardboard boxes, make sure to secure the cords, and to store them in a dry area to avoid moisture seeping in.

For ceramic glassware

To avoid damages to such pieces, wrap them individually with bubble wrap, and store them in containers. If you decide to keep plates in kitchen cabinets, place paper plates between each piece to avoid damages such as scratches, nicks, and cracks.

Also, as much as possible, avoid stacking plates together when storing them.

For artworks

Use acid-free paper to cover artworks, and place foam boards in between each artwork. Avoid storing them in enclosed areas as they deteriorate over time.




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