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Four Ways People Love Zedd

Four Ways People Love Zedd

More and more Electronic Dance Music (EDM) superstars are coming to the Philippines these days, and you can definitely add Zedd to the list. After making a shift from doing rock music to pure electronic music in 2011, Zedd has toured to several destinations, received several awards, and collaborated with known names in the music industry.

Now that Zedd is coming to Manila on August 8, here are four songs that epitomize why fans love him.

Everyone likes a little bit of Clarity

A collaboration with British singer and songwriter Foxes, this particular single propelled Zedd to fame, as he won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording in 2014. This song is so popular, clubs would frequently play this song, and people would dance to the beat, in hopes that their minds would have better clarity (pun intended) after partying.

Quick trivia: American Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez sang a cover of “Clarity” in her guesting in TV show Glee.

And some want to Stay The Night

Zedd’s second hit is a collaboration with Hayley Williams, best known as the frontwoman of pop rock band Paramore, which has won several accolades. This best showcased Williams’ vocal versatility, shifting from rock music to electronic music, just like Zedd himself.

After all, it is important to be versatile in this fast-paced generation.

Of course, some want to Break Free once in a while

To date, this has to be his biggest collaboration. Aside from pop superstar Ariana Grande making her mark with the electro music genre, this song also cemented Zedd’s popularity in the EDM scene after producing two hits. Collaborating with Grande is a dream come true for Zedd. Dreams can be possible, right?

Also, given the popularity of EDM these days to millenials, this genre is perfect for those who simply want to de-stress and be happy.

And Zedd [I] Want[s] You To Know he will make a blast

Zedd definitely has it all when it comes to this single. Aside from gaining fame and awards for his previous hits, his love life reached another level as he collaborated with his rumored girlfriend, American pop singer and actress Selena Gomez.

Listening to this song makes you realize that they not just have the chemistry, but they also do make for a great couple!

Indeed, these four songs show how Zedd has made it big in the music industry, and how he has achieved a lot, from awards to love life.

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