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5 Must-see Videos to Make You Wander Yonder

5 Must-see Videos to Make You Wander Yonder

Watch at your own risk. You might be pressed to answer: Why aren’t you out in the world?


You may work 8-5 jobs, seldom to never take a leave off. You may say you don’t have the time or the resources needed to travel. You think it’s a luxury, one that you cannot afford. You’re just so convinced it’s not your cup of tea.

But travel is for everyone. These 5 videos will make you see what beautiful world awaits, but only if you dare step out. 


1. New York, USA

 The Big Apple is probably one of those cities where people don't simply hustle but hustle hard. This video features the distinct beat of New York City, from its high-rise buildings to its vibrant humans. 


2. Tokyo, Japan

From the Land of the Rising Sun or better yet, the Land of the Sumptuous Sushi, Japan is also known for its busiest crosswalk in Shibuya. The Japanese are also known to be plain hardworkers and it's somewhat an interesting take to see them in slow motion with this video. 


3. Europe

Now it won't be just picture-perfect sceneries. Watch Europe's magic and famous landmarks come to life—thanks to this awesme compilation of stills in motion from Malta to Iceland.


4. Turkey 

Turkey may project a solemn vibe but its colors and people speak of a lovely kind of loud. Travel Turkey from north to south through its six cities and beyond. 


5. All Around the World

 This is the ultimate definition of "from all walks of life" from all over the world. Transcending various cultures. Rising up to create more human connections. 





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