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Gradient Brows Will Allow You to Skip Full On Makeup—Here’s Your Three-Step Guide

Gradient Brows Will Allow You to Skip Full On Makeup—Here’s Your Three-Step Guide

If you’re the type who takes pride in being so good at drawing your eyebrows, please put down your pencil and listen up: Perfectly drawn kilay are so out, it’s time you stop forcing the issue. Well-groomed brows are always in style, but no longer are they one-dimensional: Today’s high impact brows are natural-looking and shouldn’t look exactly alike, but rather, should complement each other.

Enter the gradient eyebrow technique, which is the ultimate key to achieving brows that can proudly stand on their own. Have you always wanted to go out barefaced? Master this kilay trick and you can definitely skip full on makeup because of your seamlessly beautiful brows. Makeup artist Yciar Castillo, who does a lot of work for print and commercial shoots and has prettified countless celebrities and society personalities, including Yeng Constantino, Ara Mina, Andi Manzano, and Cherie Gil, has devised a three-step procedure, with one main credo: “Blend!,” to get this much-coveted brow style:

The essentials

Two to three varying shades of brow products (take into consideration your hair color)

Spoolie and angled brow brush for blending

The foolproof steps

1. “Starting with the lightest shade, fill in the inner corner of the brow. Draw a line at the base first to find the shape and then fill in with upward feathery strokes to find the width of the brow. Take your spoolie brush & blend the product in."


2. “Use your medium shade to work on the middle section of the brow. Again, start by lining the base to find the shape and then fill in to get the thickness. Use the angled brow brush to blend it in with the lighter shade to make the gradient effect seamless."


3. “Taking your darkest shade, draw in the tail again starting by lining the base & then filling in. Blend.”


We may live in a high tech world, but everything natural, in terms of beauty, still takes the cake. It does take some fixing up to achieve that quintessential “no makeup” look though, so it’s always best to have ample beauty knowledge handy.


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