Work-at-home made fun

Work-at-home made fun

Who would not enjoy working at home?

We all know the office life: it involves computers, lots of papers, stationery materials, little desk trinkets, and a bag of ideas.

Among the advantages of working at home is the freedom to design their space according to their personality and character. That way, those who work at home are constantly inspired and motivated with ideas.

Here are ways to spice up your office space at home.

1) Know your essential furniture

As the saying goes, quality is more important over quality. While you may be dealing with limited space, one should be mindful of space-saving furniture.

Essential furniture pieces for an “office space” would consist of a table, a desk (or table) lamp, and a chair. In choosing all three, be mindful of these three important factors: Sturdy, comfortable, and reliable.

2) Choose your storage pieces

Your important documents should be stored well, so shop for file holders, shelves, book ends, and small boxes.

Want to give extra life to your workspace? Opt for bright hues and pastel colors to add contrast to plain white walls, or do the opposite if your walls are of a darker shade.

3) Add décor pieces

You may add some spice to your desk through adding everyday items such as mason jars, mugs, ashtrays, and use them as functional décor pieces to your desk.

You don’t necessarily need to spend for this, as you can repurpose the items mentioned earlier that are not in use. In fact, you can find most of these items within your home.

These décor pieces can be used to store and organize small items like paper clips, thumbtacks, rubber bands, and pens.

4) Give life to your backdrop

A little inspiration does help in making you enjoy working at home. Items that you can add as your backdrop can be corkboards, photos of your loved ones, or even posters containing inspirational quotes to liven up your day. 




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