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A Budding Chef? Let Julia Montes Surprise You

A Budding Chef? Let Julia Montes Surprise You

What’s Julia Montes’s ultimate passion? It’s not what you normally expect from a young star like her.

That is, cooking one dish after another, Master Chef-style.

“Everytime na may break sa schedule, ang pagluluto, yun talaga ang pastime ko. Kung yung ibang ka-age ko lumalabas, ako luto talaga,” Julia tells ABS-CBN Lifestyle in a short chat. On a typical lull in her schedule, Julia would cook not just one meal for friends and co-workers.

“In a day, I cook five to six recipes,” she said. And, pushing her passion even further, she enrolled and completed a rigorous and challenging culinary course at the famed Center for Culinary Arts Manila, despite her full showbiz calendar.


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“Super saya talaga. Hindi na-expect na magagawa ko siya,” referring to having completed the course. On Instagram she described the accomplishment as “one of the happiest moments of her life.”


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 But what does she actually cook as one of the country’s newest "certified" chefs? Julia’s favorites are those simple Filipino dishes—kare kare and dinuguan, among others—and surely the most anticipated in the dining table. This is aside from her prowess in baking, most notably sumptuous red velvet cupcakes and cookies.

Here’s a yummy cookie recipe Julia shared on Kris TV

And, her popular “Spaghetti ala Julia Montes.” 

What’s the next step?

Naturally, Julia would go all out in her culinary journey and open a restaurant that will offer her original creations. This is something that she would definitely pursue as a career besides showbiz, following maybe the footsteps of Engracia Cruz-Reyes (Aristocrat) or Vicvic Villavicencio (Kamayan), who took pains in making Filipino cuisine a mainstream favorite.

“That’s my dream. Hopefully soon.”




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