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Anong Gusto Mo Maging Paglaki? KidZania can help!

Anong Gusto Mo Maging Paglaki? KidZania can help!

Aside from life itself, KidZania may just be the next best learning experience for your kids.

There’s always been the ultimate million-dollar question of “What would you like to be when you grow up?”. And while parents get the most adorable answers from their equally adorable children (mine said she wanted to be a mermaid!), there’s a place where you can take them to further spark their imagination and introduce to them life skills as early as now.

KidZania prides itself in providing a “dynamic way to help kids learn by taking on exciting role-play activities such as pilots, cooks, artists, firefighters, veterinarians, and even broadcasters.” It is a unique play center where kids are taught teamwork, the value of money, communication skills, and critical thinking among many others.

Here are 5 more things to expect when you bring your kids and take a trip to KidZania.


  1. You will be overwhelmed by this cutesy kiddie-sized world.

KidZania has 52 establishments sponsored by the leading industry brands for kids to choose from. It is only natural to feel a bit overwhelmed at first and that is why it is highly-recommended you plan and strategize your way around.


  1. You will get to observe what interests your kids more.

Instead of you asking and them telling you, now you can observe more the things that catch their attention. Do they rush to take the driver’s seat? Maybe they want to be a pilot someday. Are they fascinated by ink on skin? Maybe they fancy being a tattoo artist, perhaps?


  1. You will bond closer with your children.

Yes indeed, KidZania may just be your go-to "UBE" as in ultimate bonding experience with your kids. What could be more fun than play, entertainment, and education combined?


  1. They will become their own person.

They may be 4 or 14 but with KidZania’s educational yet entertaining activities, they get to role play and be whoever they want to be, even just for a day.


  1. They will have fun… loads of it. Then they will love you more for it.

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that KidZania aims to instill this and that. This is still a play center and in here, kids do what they naturally do best, play and have fun!


Your children’s KidZania experience might reveal a thing or two about them. But the best part of it all isn’t really with the play area but with the parents—it is the acceptance you bestow on them for whatever or whoever they choose to be. And if you think about it, who doesn’t want that?


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