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Designing the Wedding Cake of Your Dreams? Take Inspiration from these Celeb Nuptials

Designing the Wedding Cake of Your Dreams? Take Inspiration from these Celeb Nuptials

Getting married takes a lot of work—and I'm not even talking about the for-richer-for-poorer-in-sickness-and-in-health-'til-death-do-us-part realities of marriage. The moment you decide to tie the knot, you will be shoved into the crazy world of wedding preparations, and whether you opt for an intimate ceremony or go for one that's grander in scale, you'll be surprised at the long list of things you have to take care of (there's just so much more to think about besides your wedding gown).

You would think there are wedding elements that are easier to pin down more than others, but each one actually deserves ample attention—yes, even your wedding cake. Your cake gets its own moment during your reception, so it has to be deserving of the spotlight. We give you easy pointers to help you in designing (or picking out) the wedding cake of your dreams:

Go as grand as you want, you only get married once. It's your wedding, so you shouldn't let anyone stop you from getting the cake size (yes, even if it's as big as Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera's as long as you can afford it), design (simple is just as beautiful, look at Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga's understated cake), and flavor you want. Discuss with your groom your non-negotiables and start designing or scouting for your wedding cake based on those factors.

Don't be afraid to incorporate a bold color or shocking hue. Weddings are often associated with white, but you shouldn't limit yourself when it comes to choosing your cake's design or embellishments. Yan Asuncion and Yeng Constantino, for instance, peppered their bloody red theme even onto their cake—and it didn't veer away from elegant territory because the red elements were stylishly arranged on each tier and stayed true to their theme of a classy, rock Valentine's celebration.


Give your cake character by letting it speak. Yes, we suggest decorating your cake with you and your groom's favorite quotes or words of wisdom to showcase the things you value most. Patrick Garcia and Nikka Martinez had their favorite Bible verses inscribed on their wedding cake, which perfectly mirrored their God-centered relationship.


Embellish as you wish. Again this is your wedding we're talking about here, so design or pick out a cake that speaks to you and your groom. Embellishments make everything more exciting, but if basic colors are more your thing, by all means, pursue that. But if you do decide to go all out on the crystals, lights, and whimsy, here are three exquisite cakes you can draw inspiration from, John Prats and Isabel Oli's, Chito Miranda and Neri Naig's, and Joross and Kat Gamboa's:


While it's important to pay attention to every detail of your wedding, that doesn't mean you should be swayed by what's on trend or what others say you should do. Take their advice into consideration but always go for what will make you happy because ultimately, that's what your wedding day should be: A day full of bliss and smiles, and things that make your heart burst with delight.


Photographs courtesy of the Nice Print Photography Facebook Page and the Metro Photo Facebook Page.




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