A Mac Loyalist? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You May Jump Ship to Windows 10

A Mac Loyalist? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You May Jump Ship to Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 debuts Wednesday in a much anticipated free upgrade for users.

But what makes this latest version of the PC operating system both a compelling must-have and an eye candy, not only for traditional Windows users but for even the ever loyal, discriminating Apple brethren.

First of all, it offers a fresh array of features that is interestingly not found even on Apple desktops. Here are some of them that should make Mac users drool in envy and may pick up a Surface tab instead.

1. “Finger painting” on the Web

Yes, you can actually finger paint on your web site and publish your creation in a breeze using the newly released browser Microsoft Edge. Microsoft calls them “inking tools,” or stuff like digital pens and markers that can be used on webpages directly.

2. Responsive screens

As responsive screens became the standard for web designs, Windows 10 just made the idea cooler for PC operating systems. The screen adjusts to whatever device you are using and applies the appropriate look and feel. This is quite evident in devices such as PC-tablet hybrids, such as Samsung ATIV or Microsoft Surface, wherein you always shift from one screen to another, depending on how you use it. The shift is seamless. After using the traditional Windows screen on the PC, Windows 10 removes tiny menus and replace it with fatter buttons when you shift to a tablet. And, vice versa.

3. Windows in a “snap”

Snapping windows (wherein users can place windows side by side for easier multitasking and comparison, or expand vertically or horizontally for a better view) has long been a noticeable oversight among recent Apple iOS upgrades. But this has been featured on Windows since Windows 7. And, as you should guess, becomes snappier with Windows 10.

4. Smarter than Siri?

In Windows 10, Microsoft introduces Cortana, a digital assistant that can easily outshine its Apple counterpart in terms of intelligent, personalized service. It can actually take note of certain preferences for types of content—maybe the latest NBA standings or the just-revealed recipe for a Korean fusion dish—and delivers them at the user’s command.

5. Search anything from anywhere

Windows 10 takes search to a higher level, giving a broader view of stuff already residing in your PC, or maybe the cloud or the web. It’s indeed a one-stop search for anything you want.

 Haven’t seen these features on your Macbook? It may be time to reconsider…




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