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Ever Thought of Giving Up? Loren Burgos’ Experience Should Inspire You!

Ever Thought of Giving Up? Loren Burgos’ Experience Should Inspire You!

Who would have thought that one of the nine Star Magic Angels actually enrolled in a police academy and almost became a policewoman?

Loren Burgos, who is a member of Star Magic Angels, shared that her mother enrolled her in a police academy back when she was still residing in America. “Bigla na lang ako na-sign up nun high school ako,” Loren candidly recounts. It may be an unexpected decision on her mother’s part, but she did learn a lot from those four years in the police academy.

Being one of the boys, Loren described the training as similar to what is done during military trainings. In fact, she does think that workouts are more important in America as compared to the Philippines.

“Sa America, maraming obese, malalaki yun mga (food) portions, kaya laging pinapa-workout ng mga hardcore na exercises”. For reference to the food culture in America, watch the documentary “Super Size Me” for reference.

How hardcore are some of the exercises Loren underwent through? One of them is running three miles a day, squats at the track field, and rope climbing. “Very challenging yun mga physical exercises,” Loren recounts.

At one point, Loren considered to be a policewoman, but fate changed its course.  Graduating with a degree in elementary education, Loren has reached many places, and being part of the Star Magic Angels is her biggest break so far. Yet, she instill all of her learnings from her police academy years to where she is presently with her career.

“Sobrang nadisiplina ako…at kapag gusto mo mag-give up, you can never say ‘I can’t do this,” Loren shared, in which she learned that giving up is never an option. “You have to always say ‘I can do this, I can do this’,” she added.

Yes, her never-give-up attitude applies not just to her career, but also to staying fit. Admitting that she loves eating, Loren makes sure that she is well-disciplined in balancing what she eats.

So when you think that you want to give up, Loren’s police academy experience should remind you that not giving up can bring you to places you may have never imagined.


All photos from Loren’s Instagram (@lorenburgos1).




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