Smart considerations before you redesign your kitchen

Smart considerations before you redesign your kitchen


In this day and age of multipurpose rooms and spaces at home, the one area that will remain ever present is the kitchen. That is because the kitchen is the soul of the house. Its purpose goes way beyond cooking, baking, and washing dishes but also includes converging, entertaining, and working.

When you have a modest space, the kitchen’s role multiplies to even the most unlikely ones like laundry washing area, library, or linen storage. Today, people want a kitchen that incorporates a workspace and a casual space for dining or working. They want an efficient area and a whole lot of storage.

Before you decide to rearrange or redesign your kitchen, consider these tips for a successful transformation:

Incorporate Workspace. It’s always good to incorporate a workspace in the kitchen. Even if you don’t necessarily work there, at least provide a space where you can go through your favorite kitchen recipes, write additional notes, or sort them for easy access.

Beyond Triangle Boundaries. Think less in terms of triangle layout and more in terms of creating a work area that goes from fridge to sink to stove with several places in between. It’s an ergonomic practicality—a kitchen is not a success unless this has been addressed. The fridge and the sink need to be linked, but the cooking section can be a little more isolated and independent.

Organic Countertops. For countertops, I like using organic materials but if the natural stone or granite is porous, you have to make sure it is sealed properly. I also like using cement countertop mixed with fiberglass resin to lighten the weight a bit.

Big Windows. Design your kitchen with big windows. The more light you have in your kitchen, the better. Let in more light in your kitchen to make it better. Big windows can also improve the ventilation, providing cool, fresh air as you prepare your food.

Another benefit to this is having better ventilation and cool, fresh air as you prepare your meals. Try to connect your kitchen to the outdoors if you can by having large windows so you can feel connected to your garden. Perhaps a visually-inspiring view will make cooking and baking even more enjoyable.

Island of Wood. I like using wooden tops for the island because it gives the kitchen warmth, and you can use it as a butcher block.

Color Moods. Choose a kitchen that matches your personality. Colors can affect your mood.

Prioritize Safety. Always think of safety when designing your kitchen. Many fires and accidents happen in the kitchen. Watch out for faulty wiring, assign and label outlets for each appliance as voltage/ wattage varies for each, keep wires hidden, stick reminders around to close gas valves and the like. “Better safe than sorry” can never be stressed enough.

Climate Factor. For the Philippine climate, I suggest using good quality plywood over particleboard or MDF for the carcass. Engineered wood is like sponge and soaks up a lot of moisture.

Originally appearing on Vol. 11 No. 3 of Metro Home and Entertaining. Article by Rafael Calero. 




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