A Mind-Blowing Digital Idea? Catch That Boomerang!

A Mind-Blowing Digital Idea? Catch That Boomerang!

Is your digital idea mind-blowing enough to change the way we think of brands?

As innovations continuously disrupt the way we do business and make lives easier and productive for people, communicating them, albeit in a creative, innovative, effective and engaging fashion, has been exciting yet challenging task for digital marketers.

Recognizing that big idea has been a yearly quest by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) in its annual Boomerang Awards for the past eight years.

This year, the Boomerangs will seek and recognize ingenious digital ideas focused on consumers that should allow a fresh view and response towards brands.

This is in light of the way mainstream media is increasingly shifting to digital, and the rise of digital content creators, who have leveled the playing field in terms of media consumption and values.

“In the last three years, marketers and advertisers realized that digital is effective and essential in their media mix,” says Cynthia Dayco, co-chairperson of the 2015 Boomerangs. “But in the way that brands deal with so much ad clutter on TV, so they must on Digital. To succeed amid so much branded and unbranded messages, we need to innovate. Or at the very least, apply ingenuity in our use of influencers, platforms, and content.”

For her part, fellow 2015 Boomerangs chair Kichi Madlansacay said, “These days, ‘success’ can be driven primarily by paid media in terms of views or likes. But what truly counts as success is a creating a campaign that put consumers at the center of what you do. It is by truly understanding their behavior and unmet needs that brands are able to innovate through branded utility platforms that are authentic, relevant and share-worthy.”

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