Buying a condo with no worries

Buying a condo with no worries

Better be ready for the condo life.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of condominiums being built around Metro Manila and in provinces as well. With this trend, people now consider living in condos over purchasing homes. While there is a variety of condos catering to all demographics, there are some factors one may want to consider.

1) Space

Condo units have varying sizes, ranging from the basic studio type to the spacious 3 bedroom units. You should factor in your lifestyle, your family, and your profession in choosing which type of condo unit best fits you.

At the minimum, all condo units have a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom but like was mentioned earlier, it all boils down to your needs.

2) Units per floor

Some may not consider this, but considering the number of units per floor is crucial, especially if you prioritize privacy a lot and want your unit’s surroundings to be less noisy. Also, in relation with #1, this is essential as the less number of units per floor, the more spacious your condo unit may be.

3) Amenities

Not all condos are created equal when it comes to amenities. Some are simply offer the bare essentials, some may offer additional services like Wi-Fi, and some may have swimming pools and gyms for everyone’s use within the building.

4) Location

Condo buildings are located strategically; usually, they are located near MRT/LRT stations, offices, schools, and malls. If you are a student, working, or have a family, this is an important factor to consider in selecting your dream condo unit.

5) Price

Most importantly, the price of a condo is crucial. Before purchasing a unit, you may want to ask help from experts to determine if the price is sustainable based on your lifestyle, on how much mortgage can you ideally pay without falling in debt. 




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