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What Does It Take to Be A Role Model and Stand Out of The Crowd?

What Does It Take to Be A Role Model and Stand Out of The Crowd?

In this day and age, it is important for the youth to strive their best so that they can do more and set an example to their peers. But what does it take to be a penultimate role model for the youth?

Chalk Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Elaine Carag has the answer to that. “Popular, all-talented, skilled, and creative,” said Carag, giving a brief description in what they look for in a college student joining the annual Bright Young Manila Campus Hotties.

Launched in 2006, Chalk’s Bright Young Manila aims to search for college students who exemplify being a role not just to their peers but to society as well. “[We searched] for the best of the best in the college circuit,” Carag said. For this year, they have selected 15 out of more than 500 students to participate in this year’s Bright Young Manila.

“We actually want to mold them beyond what we saw in paper,” Carag added, which is part of the goals for the 15 students selected for this year. “It’s not just being pretty or handsome, it’s not just being brainy, [but] it’s about being the whole package.”

You heard that right: Bright Young Manila aims to bring out the best in students so that their peers can look up to them.


You can get to know more about this year’s Bright Young Manila Campus Hotties and also vote for them at




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