Closet essentials for an organized life

Closet essentials for an organized life

Nothing beats being OC with closets.

Closets play an important role in our homes. Aside from storage, closets helps in de-cluttering one’s room, making the room more spacious. Keeping it clean and organized is a must for any homeowner. Here are a rundown of essential items that can help make your closet organized!

Pull-out baskets

Whether they are made of wire or plastic, baskets help you organize your essentials like socks, belts, and scarves. You can even personalize them by adding labels for easy identification of their contents.


For belts, neckties, and necklaces, hooks can help you organize these kinds of essentials. Place these hooks on a small wood plank for a clean appearance.

Drawer organizers

Have old shoeboxes or jewelry boxes lying around? Transform them into drawer organizers so that you will never worry about losing earrings or bracelets again, and have storage for other beauty essentials. You can paint them or use washi tape for that extra pop and character.

Spice racks

Yes, you can make use of spice racks other than the kitchen. In your closet, you can use it for placing perfume and nail polish bottles.

Make it stand out by painting it with bright and bold hues.

Cake stand

Don’t know where to use that cake stand gathering dust? Add a few small boxes on its top to store accessories and tiny essentials!


Plastic bins, like baskets, help you organize your items ranging from shoes to towels. Add labels likewise so that you know its contents.

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