Thinking of Having a Great Outdoor Experience for Your Guests? How About Having an Outdoor Kitchen?

Thinking of Having a Great Outdoor Experience for Your Guests? How About Having an Outdoor Kitchen?


When we think of an outdoor kitchen, what usually comes into mind are coolers and the barbecue grill. Nowadays, the function of an outdoor kitchen can be similar to your indoor kitchen given the availability of kitchen equipment that is suitable for the outdoors.

Not just that, the outdoor kitchen is slowly evolving to be a new form of an entertainment area, wherein instead of the usual air conditioned room filled with chairs and sofas, you have an area where you and your guests can appreciate the outdoors. Thinking of having your own outdoor kitchen by your backyard? Here are things you should consider.


Aside from the more obvious cooking function of the outdoor kitchen, one should consider the extent of its function. Whether you are an aspiring chef, or whether you plan to use it as a regular kitchen or for special events, having this in mind will guide you with the equipment you should purchase for your outdoor kitchen.


Ideally, it is best to place your outdoor kitchen as close as possible to your indoor kitchen. This is because it gives you easier access for kitchen tools such as knives and bowls, easier transport of food, and easier relocation should a sudden change in weather happen. Also make sure that your outdoor kitchen has adequate ventilation so that the smoke will not go to your neighbor’s house.


Given the tropical weather of the Philippines, it is highly recommended to use stone-like tiles, granite, and stainless steel over wood. The former three can stand the country’s changing climate, while wood can rot especially if it gets wet often. Also, one should make sure that all electrical wiring is sealed properly such that it is protected against the elements of nature.


Personalizing your outdoor kitchen has endless options. You can install your own brick oven for that Italian feel, or have weatherproof TVs and music entertainment systems installed for an out-of-the-box entertainment area. The most important part is that you, your family, and your guests will enjoy the outdoor experience.

Repurposed from the article “The Outdoor Kitchen”, originally appearing in Vol 11 No. 2 of Metro Home and Entertaining. Original article by Rafael Calero, photo by Luca Tettoni.




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