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Two Davaoeños Defy the Odds, Get to Showcase Cosplay Skills in Japan

Two Davaoeños Defy the Odds, Get to Showcase Cosplay Skills in Japan

Who would have expected that two girls, one coming from a conservative Chinese family, and one who is a registered nurse, would collaborate for a cosplay exhibition and end up representing the Philippines in this year’s World Cosplay Summit?

Also, for someone who initially had no idea with cosplay at first, and someone who is competing for the first time, these girls achieved a spectacular feat.

Yes, Team XO, comprising of Davaoeños Jennifer Ong and Sarah De Ocampo, won at this year’s Hero Face Off for their “Dynasty Warriors” themed costume. Aside from winning, both Jennifer and Sarah will be heading to Japan for a week to participate as competing cosplayers at the World Cosplay Summit.

For this year, this is the first time the Philippines will be participating as a competing nation at the World Cosplay Summit.

At first, Jennifer was clueless with cosplaying until she Googled about it, and with the help of some friends, she managed to hone her cosplaying skills through the years, even if her conservative family is not in favor of her passion. As for Sarah, recently ending her contract with a private hospital led her to an unexpected collaboration with Jennifer.

In preparation for competing for Hero Face Off, Jennifer was in search for a partner to join her for the competition after “retiring” from cosplay in 2011. Ong found that partner in the form of Sarah, who Jennifer initially described her as silent, and very introvert.

With Sarah being determined as a cosplayer, where she even takes care of crafting her costumes, Jennifer knew that Sarah is the right person to pair with for Hero Face Off, as they won for this year under the “Face Off” category.

So how is Jennifer and Sarah preparing for their upcoming competition in Japan? Aside from their competition costumes being “tightly sealed and packed”, they said that they are all set for the competition.

Let’s wish Jennifer and Sarah all the best at the World Cosplay Summit!




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