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So You've Always Dreamed of A Perfect Complexion Like Bea, Kim, and Iza? Take These to Heart

So You've Always Dreamed of A Perfect Complexion Like Bea, Kim, and Iza? Take These to Heart

Do you often find yourself wondering how your favorite celebrity manages to look picture perfect even after long hours under the sun, taping or shooting? They're all beauties to begin with, but reality check, celebs don't wake up that way: They have glam teams who make sure they look impeccable for the camera. While not everyone can afford to have a makeup artist on call, you can still definitely achieve a flawless complexion like your favorite star. Here's a cardinal rule you must not forget: Beautiful makeup starts with a beautiful base.

Take these tips to heart and make sure to apply them every time you put on makeup:

1. Good skincare is the best foundation of a flawless base. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize regularly using products suited for your skin type. Skincare is something you should not scrimp on so we highly advise you find a regimen that works for you. Consult a board-certified dermatologist for guidance.

2. Test foundation on your jawline in natural daylight, not on your hand in artificial lighting. The common practice of testing foundation shades at the back of your hand is a big no-no. Always test foundation on your jawline. If it disappears after blending, then it's the right shade for you. If you're still unsure, take advantage of the makeup consultants in the cosmetics counters at department stores and ask them for advice.

3. Darker is always better than lighter. When in doubt (or when your usual shade is not available), always go for a shade darker. It will still look more natural—a lighter shade will make you look like a ghost. Yikes!

4. Pay attention to your application. Use your fingers if you just want little coverage and a sponge for a fuller one. For an everyday natural look, apply foundation only where needed like areas with discoloration, pimples, and marks. But if you really want a full-on made up face, that's okay: Don't pile on too much foundation though—not only will it look cakey, it's also not good for your skin.

5. Try putting concealer after foundation, and then set makeup with loose powder. You're guaranteed a crease-free look if you put on foundation first, plus you won't need to apply too much concealer anymore. Loose powder, on the other hand, is essential to seal your look.

Master the art of foundation application and everything else comes easily after. Chin up, beautiful!


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