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Be Your Better Self with these 5 Unlikely Ways

Be Your Better Self with these 5 Unlikely Ways

Take the road less noticed to becoming a better version of you.


Self-improvement has always been associated with proper exercise, good nutrition, ample hours of sleep, so forth, and so on. But aside from that, one must not underestimate the power of transformation—most especially when it’s achieved through the unlikeliest of ways.


If you find yourself wondering what other things you can do to a better you, then keep reading.


  1. Take a walk.

And I don’t mean treadmill, training shoes or any of that sort. I meant, the kind that lets you shed off that excess baggage somehow (and not just the excess calories). Yes—that walk. Often we take for granted how flexing those leg muscles a bit can do wonders in helping you clear your mind. You may want to do it on a long stretch of white beach and while that may be ideal, sometimes you really don’t have to go so far.


  1. Have a good cry.

This wouldn’t be so unlikely for a woman but for you men out there, you can let it flow. Cry a bucket full of tears or cry me a river if you will. A good cry wouldn’t make you less of a man and instead, make you lighter inside. Don’t believe me? Try it.


  1. Take 20 jumping jacks, do 10 aerial head bangs, and hug 5 trees.

Did you do it? I hope you did. I also hope that it made you feel stupid. Because the only next best thing to having a good cry is having a good laugh. Mostly, at yourself and not at the expense of others.


  1. Weird someone out.

I’m not saying be a total creeper. I’m saying weird is good. It means you are being your own, unique self and not entirely just making compromises to blend in.


  1. Make mistakes.

And when you do, make sure not to regret it. It might be challenging at first given the blame game going around, but see how fast it liberates you. Knowing you’ve made mistakes, knowing you’ve taken risks, knowing they were all your own.




If you’re able to just throw it all in the air and still give a flying fsck about people other than yourself, then that I think, is a better version of you right there. 





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