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Solo Backpacking: Is it for you?

Solo Backpacking: Is it for you?

Sure, you like to travel. But can you or would you want to do it alone? Here are telltale signs to help you weigh in on your decision.

Solo backpacking is for you if…


  1. You have an unquenchable thirst to feed your wanderlust.

It’s one thing to feel that itch to just go and another thing to really do it even when your travel buddies cancel the last minute. The idea is, your desire to push through with your plans no matter what it takes should outweigh your desire to have someone else go with you.


  1. You are friendly or at least not too shy for hellos.

Heading out alone might make you relearn the saying “No man is an island”. Whether it’s for help or quick conversations, what better way to acknowledge someone’s presence than with a warm hi or hello.


  1. You don’t sweat the small stuff.

You may be a type A planner but even then, you’d know that about 99% of the time, things wouldn’t always go according to plan. Maybe you expected a suite and found a dorm instead. Maybe you like a front seat but got moved up. If you’re the type to sweat the small stuff and have no one to whine to, then what will be left of your energy? Try being a trooper and see how you can focus more on the positive side of your experience.


  1. You know how to respect culture.

Or better yet, you know how to embrace it. Being in a place unfamiliar to you exposes you to set of ways that are most likely different from your own. When that happens, don’t be the douche who think they know better. You can share your own views but remember, each culture varies and sometimes for reasons bigger than us.


  1. You are gutsy and independent.

From the simplest act of carrying your own bags to getting your own pail of water from a deep well, being independent is almost a prerequisite in taking a solo trip. You can’t possibly live in a fantasy world where you think some knight in a shining armor would come to your rescue, no?


  1. You can balance fun with safety.

As in many cases, balance is key. You might want to have fun during your travels because who doesn’t? But if you can’t trust yourself with holding your liquor then maybe you shouldn’t be holding any, especially not when you’re on your own. Practice your good sense of judgment or you might find yourself intoxicated and with the company of unwanted strangers or well, other worse things. But yes, you get the point.


If you’re reading this, it is possible that you might have tinkered with the idea of solo backpacking in your mind. You might have seen a few of your friends do it or have heard someone speak about it with so much excitement. Your next destination might be calling on you already. But what’s left is you now: Are you going to take it?


*We’d love to hear about your solo travels. Write to [email protected] and who knows, maybe you get to share it to the world too.*






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