Yes, it is Important to Know your Cabinet Finishes

Yes, it is Important to Know your Cabinet Finishes


Cabinet finishes can change a kitchen’s atmosphere depending on which type and color will be used. Here’s a rundown of the different types of finishes you can use to tone down or add a pop of color to the hearth of your home.

Lacquer gives a high-gloss appearance to the cabinets. It is moisture resistant and easy to repair, but standing water will damage it. Aside from the glossy look, the trend now is moving toward its matte counterpart.

Wood veneers are thin slices of wood laminated to a substrate (usually plywood, marine grade for coastal areas) to emulate the look of solid wood. It looks richer and more distinctive than plastic laminate.

Laminates, also referred to as high-pressure decorative laminate (HPDL), is the cost-effective counterpart of veneers. Available in hundreds of designs, it’s low-maintenance, and is heat- and impact-resistant.




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