Make your House Stand Out Through Artworks

Make your House Stand Out Through Artworks

Color is an element that will definitely give life to your home. The best way to play around with color? Through artworks. Whether it may be abstract or still life, or whether it is made by a prominent artist or an up-and-coming artist, artworks add character to your home.

Here, artist and homemaker Michelle Gemperle shares some tips to put in mind when choosing artworks to be placed at your home.

Educate yourself and discover your personal taste. Expose yourself to different styles and artists. Go to museums, look at books and surf the Internet to get a feel of which paintings excite and stir your soul.

Fall in love. First and foremost, you should really like the art work. If you will be seeing it every day, it had better be something you’d like to see. If it is something that you like, and your décor is also composed of pieces that you like, chances are they will go together well. Ask yourself: What feeling does it bring out in you? Does it evoke sadness, fear, tranquility, joy? What feelings do you want it to stir in you every day?

Talk to art collectors and consultants. It can be quite intimidating to buy art. You can learn a lot from people with experience. You may want to ask about prices, and how much previous works sold for. Remember, ultimately, the choice of an artwork is very subjective and personal.

Consider emerging artists. Apart from their fresh approach, there is potential for an increase in value of their works.

Repurposed from “Choose your True Colors”, appearing on Vol. 11 No. 2 of Metro Home and Entertaining. Original article by Michelle Gemperle.




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