Has Anne Curtis Changed The Game in Mobile? Not Really, But…

Has Anne Curtis Changed The Game in Mobile? Not Really, But…

Her face, her clothes, her style are definitely a sight to see every day on TV, social media posts, and the occasional reruns of her movies on cable.

Now, Anne Curtis is in a mobile game. A mobile game developer has thought of bringing her to a Match 3 interface, hoping that her fans in showbiz or followers online will make an Anne Curtis game a hard habit to break.

But will they indeed make the shift from such titles addicting titles like Candy Crush Saga with this one?

This is really something we ought to see as Anne Galing, the flagship mobile game of the newly formed Xeleb, Inc. has launched recently. Xeleb not only wants to use Anne’s stardom and fandom to create and “own” the celebrity mobile game space, but a handful of other celebs as well, including Kuya Kim Atienza, Isabelle Daza, and quite expectedly, Erwan Heussaff.

It is somewhat patterned after the immensely popular Kim Kardashian: Hollywood but a simpler rehash that makes you search and collect outfits that would look good on your gorgeous Anne Curtis avatar.

But will the general public actually go and grab their mobile phones to play a game wherein players are allowed to shop for digital clothes, build a wardrobe and personalize in-game outfits.  This is a kind of dress me up, style me as you want package reminiscent of those Barbie and Bratz games that sent kids and tweens to a frenzy.

But wear will Anne Galing, incidentally designed by Anne herself, drive Match 3 addiction. It can for some, especially those who are just dying to follow Anne’s fashion sense, channel her style, and just get into the fun of collecting outfits and showing off to friends. For most, however, there should be just more than just seeing her gorgeous in-game face and the clothes she wore on It’s Showtime or costumes she was dressed in her Annebisyosa gigs, which I can say really does justice to the real Anne.

Unfortunately, this is not yet the “game changer” among locally developed titles that would create the so-called “celebrity game space”.  It may take still a lot of trial and error on how the market reacts to this new genre, and really a gripping or forceful reason for users, who are not only Anne’s fans but mobile game and smartphone users in general as well, to get into the habit.

But the nice thing about Anne Galing is that it has begun inroads to a potentially big market space that will spawn better and world-class offerings from our extremely talented and awesome mobile game developers. In short, an ice breaker.

And it might not even need a big name celebrity to give our chances a boost, but just a simple and common “hero” to make the big splash.

Well, I might be wrong. The assumption is that being in a showbiz-crazed nation, celebrity images would also boost our interest in mobile gaming.  And that the choice celebs like Anne, who is seen to attract the tech-savvy as well, would strengthen that point.

After all, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood had been there and accomplished millions of app downloads on AppStore and Google Play. However, this game is plainly much more comprehensive and interesting to play. For a local celebrity to really duplicate this feat may need better gameplay features—not just dress up play but also charting a career maybe?

And, yes, we all want Anne Galing and the forthcoming titles to feature Kuya Kim, Isabelle and Erwan (all Xeleb shareholders, FYI) to succeed immensely, but we need to plan ahead, learn from current limitations, address the rampant registration and verification issues, and eventually accomplish better packages out of the lessons we learned. 

But before we could reach that, let’s just have fun with this free download from Google Play and once you have installed and initialized the game, surely, with its own merits, Xeleb’s “Anne Galing” is still Ang Saya.




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