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3 Precious Ways the 'Pabebe Girls' Handle Their Newfound Fame

3 Precious Ways the 'Pabebe Girls' Handle Their Newfound Fame

Yes, you have definitely heard of them as they have become viral through their videos. Even with the numerous flak and hate these girls have received, they still got the last laugh. We may be annoyed at how they try to be “pa-cute” in their videos but let’s accept this fact: they are now famous, and people are talking about them!

From their viral videos that spread months ago, they have scored several exclusive interviews and an appearance at Vice Ganda’s upcoming music video and single entitled “’Huwag Kang Pabebe”.

It’s amazing at how these girls, comprising of the original “pabebe girl” Mary Jaydeeryn Elias, "babeng multo" Vhelpoe Garves, and “pabebe warriors” Michelle Alfonso and Janet Ricabo, made it big. Here are some reasons why they should motivate you.

1) They ignore their haters

Yes, they did receive quite a number of hate from people, and yet they remained quiet about the flak they have received from their antics in their viral videos. After all, silence is the best weapon one can possess.

“Hindi na lang naming po pinapansin,” Garves, Alfonso, and Ricabo said in unison.

Even with the several parodies and memes that have spread out, these girls chose to do the Taylor Swift way: By shaking things off.

“Wala sa amin yun stress, nasa inyo yun," Garves said as her reply to their haters.

2) They just became their own selves

The better reason why they remained quiet amidst the flak they have received? They are just true to themselves, as how they have been interviewed by several reporters. Sure, some (or maybe a lot) of us find them irritating on their videos, even picking on one of them lacking eyebrows, but they chose not to fight back those who bash them.

“Sabi po hayaan na lang po namin,” Ricabo added.

3) They remained humble with their newfound fame

With the recent appearances in mainstream TV shows, it is really a pleasant sight to see them still humble with their rise to fame. They even have made a thank you video for their fans and critics in their own original (and classy) way.

Also the cool part? They even apologized to their haters for the antics they have done in their videos. “Salamat po sa inyo kasi kung hindi rin sa inyo, wala kami dito,” Ricabo said.

“Salamat po sa mga naniniwala sa amin,” Alfonso added.


These three reasons is proof at why they are a good source of motivation for others. Even Vice Ganda cited that their rise to fame is a good example of using social media: to make people happy.




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