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Merienda Gets More Exciting with this Fresh Twist on Pancit Canton

Merienda Gets More Exciting with this Fresh Twist on Pancit Canton

MasterChef Pinoy Edition judge and renowned chef JP Anglo, along with Curiosity Got the Chef host Sharwin Tee, treated Food Tastings "Let's Cook Pinoy" participants to an afternoon of easy to do and exciting recipes that are refreshing renditions of the Pinoy classic dishes we love, from sinuglaw to binagoongan. Try this pancit canton recipe of Chef JP that will make you fall in love with the traditional noodle all over again.


Pancit Canton with Pork Leg by Chef JP Anglo

Servings 5 / Cooking time 15 mins / Prep time 20 mins


1 kilo egg noodles, fresh

200 g carrots, julienne

200 g Baguio beans, julienne

200 g pork liver

200 g cabbage, julienne

60 g onions, red, chopped

60 g garlic, chopped

160ml pork stock

3 cans MALING-Pork Leg

15 ml vinegar, cane

30 ml soy sauce

30 ml rum, light 

30 g gawgaw (thickener)

10 g sugar

15 g chili garlic hoisin sauce

salt and pepper to taste

cooking oil


1 pack tofu

5g Onion leeks 


1. Simmer noodles for a quick 5 minutes.

2. Saute in order, carrots, sitao, onions, garlic,  pork liver and pork leg.

3. Deglaze with light rum, then add in soy sauce then  cane vinegar,  let it still for 20 seconds

4. Add in your chili garlic hoisin sauce and cabbage slices.

5. Add in your stock then bring to a boil.

6. Strain out your vegetable and Set aside. 

7. Add your gawgaw and let ur sauce thicken while stirring.

8. Once thick, Set aside. 

9. In a large pot, mix noodles and and sauce.

10.Top with crispy tofu and onion leeks. 




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