Choosing the Right Colors for a Visually-appealing Home

Choosing the Right Colors for a Visually-appealing Home

We know that the impact of colors in designing our homes can either make or break the homes’ overall aesthetic. While it may be a bit challenging in choosing the right colors for your home, here are four simple rules to keep in mind when choosing color:

  1. Using more than one color in a room can look phenomenal, but if you choose to do so, keep to a maximum of three colors. Use two bold and strong colors, and the third, a neutral shade to temper the palette.
  2. When choosing your colors, pick your boldest color first. Then, choose the other colors that will complement and flatter the first color in mind.
  3. Don’t go from paint chip to an entire wall. Dissect the space, and experiment first with a painted one meter by one meter area on the wall. Step back, and decide if you like it.
  4. Do not fear. Color enhances your surroundings. After all, we need color to brighten up our lives.

So the next time you select your houses’ overall palette, you need not worry anymore!

Repurposed from “Bright, Bold, and Shiny”, published in Vol. 10 No. 4 of Metro Home and Entertaining. Story by Anton Barretto.




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