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Style Inspo: Ace Your Look A La The Filo Dapper With These Accessorizing Tricks!

Style Inspo: Ace Your Look A La The Filo Dapper With These Accessorizing Tricks!

AJ Dee is a storyteller. But he doesn’t tell stories through a narrative—AJ tells it through his style.

Dee has amassed a sizeable following online through his style blog The Filo Dapper where he showcases his creativity and his passion for art and fashion. His blog is chock-full of tips to help guys discover their personal style, encouraging them to try new things and to go out of their comfort zone. Below are some of The Filo Dapper's hippest takes when it comes to accessories and tips on how you can pull them off for yourself for truly standout looks.

Be friends with prints. AJ has a good eye for prints and knows how to work them, which you'll see a lot of in his blog. 

Wear this your way: Top off a colored button-up with a printed varsity jacket. Go for smaller, subtler prints at the onset, and eventually work your way towards bolder prints so that it wouldn't be too much of a shock for your sensibilities.

Don't be afraid to shake things up with unconventional bags combos. A boxy leather backpack with a suit? A definite yes, says The Filo Dapper. 

Wear this your way: Break the rules and match your favorite fun and unorthodox accessory—be it a bag, a watch, a hat, or eyewear—with a serious outfit.

Wield the power of the hat wisely. Hats are one of the most common accessories for guys. But instead of playing it safe by donning plain-colored ones, opt for those with quirky designs like the one below. 

Wear this your way: The possibilities for this are practically endless—always check out places that sell headwear for more options.

Give formalwear a spin by accessorizing your suit with a small scarf or kerchief. This red printed scarf AJ used works because it's a pop of color, providing a contrast to the traditional dark suit. 

Wear this your way: Make sure to fold your scarf in an artsy way before tucking it into your suit's outer front breast pocket (check out how AJ folded his below).

Here’s one more accessory you should consider adding to your repertoire to make you really stand out: a fragrance that brings out your personality. Whether you’re going for romantic, understated, or sophisticated, Axe has a fragrance that matches your style. Top off your look with Axe because there’s no better accessory than one that boosts your confidence.

Now that you’ve seen AJ’s style, it’s now your turn to show us yours. And don’t merely copy his. You already have something good going for sure; just fuse what you learned from AJ to your own brand of dapper. Always remember that #YOUGOTSOMETHING, work on it!

For more information on Axe, click here.

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