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Cheat Sheet: 4 Must-Have Health And Fitness Apps To Download, Stat

Cheat Sheet: 4 Must-Have Health And Fitness Apps To Download, Stat

Confused as to which apps will help you best achieve your fitness goals? We don’t blame you.  There’s a plethora of exercise apps out there, so we’ve handpicked four that suit your personality-slash-preferred type of workout.


For people who love mixing up their workout routines. Think the likes of Jessy Mendiola (who's into circuit training, Muay Thai, and even pole dancing) or Matteo Guidicelli (an ultimate triathlete!): Nike+Training Club. No gym? No problem! What’s cool about this app is how its workouts, aside from being designed by celebrities and athletes, can be done anywhere with whatever equipment you may or may not have.  It also allows you to choose your level of difficulty and decide on whether you’re looking for routines that are strength-, endurance-, or mobility-based. Download Nike+ Training Club from iOS and Android for free


For anyone looking to up their yoga game, whether your level ranges from absolute beginner to seasoned yogi. Think the likes of Ellen Adarna: Daily Yoga. We’d like to consider Daily Yoga as our yoga resource buddy. It features a wide database of over 100 yoga classes and programs, a library of more than 500 poses (complete with detailed instructions), session choices ranging from five to 70 minutes, as well as class schedule & health data trackers. Download Daily Yoga from iOS and Android for free.

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For avid bodybuilders who need a more organized way of tracking their sets and reps. Think the likes of Erwan Heussaff and Hidilyn Diaz: Workout Tracker Gym Log Exercise Trainer by JEFIT. True to its name, this Jefit Inc. app has user-friendly tools to help you create personalized weight-lifting workouts. Here you’ll find an extensive catalog of routines targeting specific body parts, as well as a workout planner, exercise log, timers, and a progress tracker. Download Jefit from iOS and Android for free.



This is great for: Those who are seriously watching their weight. Think the likes of Coleen Garcia and Daniel Matsunaga, who make it a point to always be in shape while allowing themselves to enjoy cheat days, too: MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal has been around for a while, and we can see why. The Under Armour app boasts a very large database for food entries (we’re talking over 5 million, including Filipino food), which you can log in its Diary feature. It also keeps you up-to-date on your diet progress based on the goals you set when you first download the app. Other features we love include a built-in step tracker, recipe importer, and options to connect to other apps and wearables. Download MyFitnessPal from iOS and Android for free.


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