Yes, You can Make Your House Bright, Bold, and Shiny with These Trends

Yes, You can Make Your House Bright, Bold, and Shiny with These Trends

A bright color on your wall serves as a perfect backdrop for a painting with bold shapes and forms. Add exotic touches to the composition. A Moroccan brass lantern provides a sobering patina to the vignette, while the handpainted motifs on the Tibetan blanket cabinet echo the painting’s recurring hues. A woven leather bench adds interest to the mix.

Reflective Surfaces

Reflective surfaces employed as finishes for tabletops, accessories or lighting fixtures multiply the pleasures of a room. Use them as accent pieces and focal points. These objects serve to create an illusion, usually making rooms feel larger than they really are.


Time-worn objects usually bear a patina. Use these to moderate a bright composition. New metallics come with glint and sheen. Use these to glam up a vignette. 

Thick Weaves

The use of fiber is a standout trend that encapsulates a love for texture and tactile objects, signaling a moment where organics and all things natural come to the fore of interior materials. These come in the form of carpets, wall coverings, storage baskets and fabric. Handmade has arrived and is here to stay!

Pop Prints

Tell a story by adding drama to your room with bold and eyecatching graphics. “Bold” can take up one wall or it can be an accent that will make you do a double take when you enter a room. These allow you to use simpler color schemes— subtle, neutral and complementary—as patterns on the wall already dominate the room. Feel free to repeat the prevailing patterns in smaller dozes.

Original story published in Vol. 10 No. 4 of Metro Home and Entertaining. Story by Anton Barretto, photography by Paul de Rosario.




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